The structure of the MAG group at the reporting date is illustrated below, and has not changed since the previous year.


The only minority interests are in SAT – Società Aeroporto del Tronto S.p.A., and relate to local public authorities.

In accordance with the group’s organisation and business model, the corporate structures report to operating segments. Following the internal reorganisation launched in the first half of the year, there are three operating segments:


each of which is specifically organised into business lines and offers its own range of products and services.

The following tables give a summary of the main financial and non-financial performance indicators, which have been selected to paint an overall picture of the group in its entirety (in millions of Euros, units or percentages).

The section on the group’s performance of operations and financial position includes information on the performance of the main group companies (see Highlights of main consolidated companies), while the notes to the consolidated financial statements include equity information on the main group companies (see 3.1. Consolidation methods and scope).