MAG is an Italian industrial group operating internationally in the aerospace sector. It pursues a leadership position in the market segments in which it is present.

It was founded in 1995 through a buy-out by private investors and is currently mainly owned by leading institutional investors.

MAG has followed a highly ambitious quantitative and qualitative growth process with a targeted investment plan. The group currently boasts significant, comprehensive expertise and infrastructures to support its future growth.
The group’s activities are focused in the helicopter and business & general aviation aircraft in the civil sector and, to a marginal extent, the military sector.

In line with outsourcing trends on the aerospace market over the past twenty years, which have led the main original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to transfer the design, production and management of entire systems to suppliers/partners, MAG has decided to compete as a system integrator in the market segment that it has identified.

The group’s origins and know-how as an aircraft maker undoubtedly contributed to its positioning, gained in previous industrial projects (Nardi, Agusta and SIAI Marchetti), involving structures and resources that are now part of the MAG group.

Through the development of new products, expertise and technologies, MAG has strengthened its competitive edge by participating in innovative industrial projects as part of strategic partnerships with major OEMs or industrial groups that supply sophisticated products in the aerospace and defence sector.

The group’s activities are currently organised into three business lines, each offering a different range of products and services.