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The ALS business line offers primary (safety critical) technological systems, i.e., landing gear, flight command and actuator systems, damping systems and hydraulic systems.

These products are created for specific aircraft and are sold to OEMs.

By developing technologically homogenous systems, MAG group’s background of expertise in mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical and electronic technologies, commands and materials is transversal.

It has developed and consolidated this expertise over time in a lengthy process that began with build-to-print activities and ended with make-to-design projects, also entailing the creation of parts, the development and testing of systems, all the way to system integration.

Integrated landing systems are mostly proprietary and currently include:

  • front and main landing gear legs,
  • wheels and brakes,
  • retraction and extraction actuators (hydraulic and electro-mechanical),
  • command levers and control devices (hydraulic and electronic),
  • steering commands (hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electromechanical),
  • antiskid features.

Proprietary integrated flight command and actuator systems include:

  • pilot and co-pilot control panels, pedals,
  • flight controls (mechanical with bars and levers, electric wire),
  • servo-actuators (hydraulic and electromechanical),
  • closed-ring controls (hydraulic and electronic).

The purpose of this business line is to ensure customers receive support for the entire life of each product from a specific product support structure, which also operates with licences for non-proprietary products.

The business line has operating sites in Borgomanero (Novara, Italy) and Laval (Montréal, Canada).

It recently acquired new projects for the Bell 505, Bell 525, AirbusHelicopterX4 and Korean UAV Kaori aircraft.